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The revised chicken processing dates should have been AUGUST 26 and SEPTEMBER 2 instead of August 29 and September 2. Please make a note of the correct dates.

Thank you, and I hope we’ll see you here on the farm in a couple of weeks.

Steve Schrock


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As a result of a slow start, we will be forced to postpone the processing dates for our last batch of chickens one week. Instead of processing on August 19 and August 26, we will be processing on August 29 and September 2.

We hope this will not be too great an inconvenience for some of you as many of you were planning to stock up for the winter on the last batch.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation in this change of schedule.

Steve Schrock

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We will be winding down the 2012 growing season for our range fed chickens the last two weekends of August. Please note the dates as this will be your last chance of the season to buy fresh chicken as well as fresh chicken gizzards, livers and feet. This batch, as the previous batches, will be divided into two weekends. If you desire the smaller chickens, you will want the earlier date, and if you desire larger ones you will want the latter one.

The dates for the third and final batch are:



We have plenty of chickens available and we are hoping to see you soon.

If you are among the growing number of Americans who are concerned about the quality and the source of their food, we encourage to make Cackleberry Farms your choice for locally grown naturally raised chickens, eggs and beef.

Our contact phone numbers are: 662-369-4151 or 662-369-6062.

Remember, eat well, live long!

Steve Schrock

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