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Hello folks, the processing schedule for this past weekend of May 25, 2014, will be changed to June 1, because of equipment problems.

The next processing dates of June 22 and June 29 will remain the same as scheduled.

The third batch which had been scheduled for processing on July 20 and July 27, will be changed to July 27 and August 3.

We hope these changes will not be of any inconvenience, and we do look forward to seeing you here on the farm.

Steve Schrock


Hello folks, we are, once again, starting a brand new season for the pastured poultry. We are planning to do three batches this season. Depending on the demand, we could possibly do as many as four.

We are confident you will find our pastured poultry to be second to none in quality and flavor and very reasonably priced.

We are listing the processing dates for the three batches planned for this growing season:

Batch # 1: May 18 and May 25

Batch # 2: June 22 and June 29

Batch # 3: July 20 and July 27

Thank you again for your past patronage, and we anticipate seeing you again during the upcoming season.

Steve Schrock


Due to problems with the hatchery we ordered our chicks from, we are being forced to forego our second batch of chickens. As a result we will only be doing the two processing dates of August 25 and September 1. We deeply regret this unfortunate situation, but encourage all who want fresh chickens to stock up on the two processing dates.

We also want to let everyone know we have plenty of beef available for all those interested in buying grass fed beef. We are planning on taking some to the processors very shortly. If you have any interest in a quarter of half of a beef, please let us know as soon as possible.

Thank you for your continued support and patronage.

Steve and Margie Schrock

Due to problems with the hatchery we order our chicks from, we are being forced to cancel the second batch of chickens we had planned for the end of September. We encourage everyone who desires fresh chickens to take advantage of the two dates of August 25 and September 1. We deeply regret this situation, but we concluded that the delay would make us later in the fall than we need to be. Our feed mill business has continued to grow and the business begins to pick up greatly in September and even more so in october. Tending to the chickens and processing them after this date becomes quite a difficulty.

We also to inform everyone that we have ample grass fed beef available and plan to take some to the slaughter within the next couple of weeks.

Thank you for your continued patronage and support,

Steve and Margie Schrock


Hello folks,

Even though it’s mighty late in the season to be starting the chicken season, we are finally getting up and running. Please make a note of the following dates for processing as our season will be unusually short this year.

Our first batch will have two processing dates: August 25 and September 1.

The dates for processing the second batch will be September 22 and September 29.

Hopefully you will make your plans to come to the farm on these days and stock up for the coming year.

Thank you for your interest and patronage.

Steve Schrock


Hello everyone! All of you who have been checking our web site for information on this year’s chicken processing have probably been wondering why we are so late in getting stated this year. The truth is we have been trying to move last year’s stock before starting the new crop.

We still have a couple of freezers full and we have marked down all current stock from $2.59 per pound down to $2.29!

We need to move most of the current stock within the next 30 days to 60 days to give us adequate time to raise the new crop.

Please feel free to call us at 662-369-4151 or 662-369-6062 or come by the farm.

We hope to get started shortly with the new chicks. If you are interested in fresh chickens, please contact us and place your orders so we will have an idea how many we should order.

Thank you for your continued interest and support.

Steve Schrock


The revised chicken processing dates should have been AUGUST 26 and SEPTEMBER 2 instead of August 29 and September 2. Please make a note of the correct dates.

Thank you, and I hope we’ll see you here on the farm in a couple of weeks.

Steve Schrock