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Because of a last minute problem we have been forced to change the turkey processing date from October 16 to October 23, 2011. It is our hope that this will not prove to be a problem to any of you who were planning for October 16.

We still have plenty of turkeys available if you have not already placed your order.

Thanks again for your interest and your patronage.

Steve and Margie Schrock


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The turkeys have done very well are this year and are ready to be harvested. We have set the upcoming weekend, October 16, for the processing date.

If you have not already scheduled your delicious grass fed turkeys for the holidays, please contact us right away.

The price this year will be the same as two years ago, $2.75 per pound.

Contact us at 662-369-4151, or 662-369-6062.

We hope you see you right here on the farm this coming weekend.

Steve and Margie Shrock





As you can tell by these pictures, this year’s turkeys are doing very well and growing quite nicely.

If you have in the past prepared our delicious, juicy grass fed turkeys for your holiday dinners, you know how delicious and wonderful they are. If you have been deprived of this pleasure until now, we encourage you to contact us and secure your holiday turkeys right away.

The price this year will be the same as 2009, $2.75 per pound, even though the cost of production has increased dramatically.

We have not fully decided on the processing date, but are currently planning for October 16 or October 23, depending on how fast they grow. Many of you have been asking for 12 to 15 pound turkeys, so we will be aiming for that weight range.

Our phone numbers are 662-369-6062 or 662-369-4151.

We hope to see you here on the farm this fall.

Steve Schrock




After starting the spring and summer season for our pastured poultry, we discovered a slight error in our scheduling. We had posted the processing dates for the third batch July 24 and July 31.

The corrected dates are as follows: July 31 and August 7.

We encourage you take advantage of these birds that are raised without any of the chemicals, growth hormones and other stimulants that are commonly used in the commercial poultry industry. And, on the flip side, it is not only what they aren’t being fed, it is equally important what they are being fed as part of their diet.

The chicks you see above are about three weeks old and will be going on the grass next week. It’s amazing, but the instant these birds are put to pasture they will start pecking grass immediately! The fact that these chicks have access to grass produces a different finished product, one of INCREDIBLE FLAVOR AND SUPERB QUALITY. Those of you who have been buying our chickens already know exactly what I’m speaking of, and those of you who have not tried them yet will be pleasantly surprised with the very first bite.

Also, don’t forget we are planning to have plenty of turkeys available for the fall holiday season. That schedule, along with the price list, will be posted shortly.

We want to bring to your attention, also, the fact that we will not be doing the fourth batch of chickens we had planned for this season and had posted on our web site.

Thank you, and we hope to see many of you here on the farm as we go through the summer and the fall.

Steve Schrock



Hello every one,

We are, once again, planning the spring and summer schedule for our pastured poultry. Our initial plans are to do four batches of chickens, and hopefully one batch of turkeys for the fall and winter holiday seasons.

We will not be sending out flyers in the mail as we did in the past years, since it required a great deal of time and was quite costly as well. We will post the schedule along with the current prices and post updates as we progress through the season. Each batch will be listed along with the processing dates.

BATCH # I May 29, 2011 and June 5, 2011

BATCH # II June 26, 2011 and July 3, 2011

BATCH #III July 24, 2011 and July 31, 2011

BATCH # IV August 28, 2011 and September 4, 2011

Our current price for freshly processed chicken is $2.39 and packaged and frozen is $2.59 per pound.

The turkey schedule along with prices will be posted later. If you are interested in our range fed holiday turkeys, please contact so we will know how many to order.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or if you desire to place an order.

We do appreciate your interest and your patronage.

Steve Schrock


Notice to everyone interested in turkeys:

This fall we will not have any holiday turkeys available because of being busy with construction projects at the feed mill. We apologize to all of our loyal customers who have come to depend on our wonderful grass fed turkeys for the fall holidays, and we plan to go back to our regular schedule next growing season.

We do have a good number of the large broilers that would make a real treat for the holidays for those of you who have come to appreciate the quality and flavor of the grass fed poultry.

Thanks from all of us here at Cackleberry Farms, and we hope that your fall and winter season will be profitable and enjoyable.

Steve Schrock

Due to a problem with the hatchery where we bought our baby chicks, we only received about half of our normal number of chicks.

As a result of the lower count, we are deleting the September 25 kill date. We are still on schedule for the October 3rd kill date which will be the last and final processing date for this season.

As a reminder, we are also processing this Sunday, August 29. Actually, the chickens you see above are the ones to be harvested this weekend.

We have plenty of chickens available, and we hope you will find the time to come out to the farm and avail yourself to our grass fed chickens, eggs and beef.

Steve Schrock


Hello folks,

Please note that there will be a slight change of schedule for the third and last chicken slaughter for this summer. Both weekends for this slaughter will be one week later than the earlier posting. Please take note:

First kill of the third batch Sept. 25.

Second kill of the third batch Oct. 3.

We were forced to change the schedule due to and oversight in our planning. Hopefully this will not present any problems to any of you who are planning to come to the farm to stock up for the fall and winter seasons.

We thank you and look forward to seeing you here on the farm.

Steve & Margie Schrock


Hello folks, our first batch of baby chicks has arrived and it’s time to make plans for your summer pick up schedule.

This year we are not sending out the letter along with the slaughter-day schedule and price list. Instead we will post online the slaughter schedule dates along with our current prices.

Please note, we are doing three batches this season and each batch will have two kill dates. The fryers will be some smaller on the first kill date of each batch and larger on the second date.

First batch for the 2010 season: First kill date Sunday July 25, second kill date August 1.

Second batch: First kill date August 22, second kill date August 29.

Third batch: First kill date September 19, second kill date September 26.

Our price will be the same as last year, $2.19 per pound at slaughter and $2.39 per pound packaged and frozen.

Please contact us by e-mail, phone or even by snail mail.

Our mailing address is: Cackleberry Farms, 10109 Prairie Mills Rd., Prairie, MS, 39756.
Phone: 662-369-4151 or 662-369-6062.

We still have a good supply of fryers from late last season and they are on sale for $1.99 per pound

Looking forward to seeing you this summer,

Steve Schrock

summer plans

Hello folks,

We are late getting started with our grass fed fryers because of the carryover from last season. All of our current stock is on clearance sale for $1.99 per pound.

We will be posting the summer schedule shortly, but we will probably be doing our first slaughter around the end of July or the first of August.

We also have a good supply of beef for the summer for those of you who might be interested.
Our current price is $2.45 per pound for half a beef and $2.50 per pound for the quarter.

In this picture some of the future “beef” is grazing on the lush spring clovers and grasses.

To the left you see our baby chick brooder house and slightly to the right is our repair shop.
Then to the left of the shop you see our state inspected and licensed slaughter house.

Keep watching for further postings.

Steve Schrock