We currently have an abundance of young laying hens. They are in full production and very healthy. We will be letting some go for sale at $10.00 a hen.

Please contact us if you are interested.

Steve Schrock

We currently have a good supply of fresh lean ground beef from our grass fed cattle.

If you are one of the growing number of people who are concerned about the quality of your meat and how it is raised, we encourage you to contact us and let us know how we can serve you.

Steve Schrock

fresh ground beef

We now have a good supply of fresh lean ground beef.

If you are interested in meat that has been naturally grown without antibiotics and hormones, give us a call at 662-369-4151 or 662-369-6062.

Remember, “Eat well, live long.”

Steve Schrock

Pre spring sale

Cackleberry Farms is offering a giant sale on our fresh eggs and our range fed chickens.

We are offering our large farm fresh eggs for the low price of $1.00 a doz. in flats and $1.50 a doz. for jumbos in single cartons.

We have also lowered our price on our frozen chickens to $1.99 as long as supplies last.

We have a couple of range fed turkeys left marked down to $1.99 as well.

Cackleberry Farms is located three miles southwest of Prairie, MS, one mile west of U S 45 alternate on Prairie Mills Rd.

You can contact us at 662-369-4151 or 662-369-6062.

Remember our slogan: “Eat well, live long.”

Raising range fed broilers is very labor intensive, because the individual pens have to be moved every day to give the chickens fresh grass as well as bugs and other insects. Also they have to be fed and watered twice a day.

We feel compelled to warn you, the exceptional quality and flavor of these chickens will “ruin” you – store bought chicken will never be good enough any more.

Steve Schrock

new equipment

Here is a picture of us installing a new grain elevator last fall.

We are currently well stocked with range fed chickens in the freezers, which are on sale for $2.19 per pound. We will be starting up with raising fresh chickens later on this spring, but the dates have not been set as of yet.

We also have plenty of eggs on sale for $1.00 per doz. from our range fed hens.

And by the way, we still have five turkeys left that are on sale for $2.19 per pound.

Also, if you have any interest in range fed beef, give us a call.

You can call us at 662-369-4151 or 662-369-6062 for more information, or come by the farm to check us out.

Remember our slogan, “Eat well, live long.”

Steve Schrock

we’re on twitter!

Cackleberry Farms is leaping into the 21st century, you can now follow us on Twitter too! Here’s the link: twitter.com/rangeFed

rangeFed on twitter

rangeFed on twitter